FM Marker

(for FileMaker Go 11, FileMaker Go version 1.1.1)


FM Marker

FM Marker is an application using an image stored by the container Field of FileMaker Go as the groundwork and you can mark with your handwritten signature or freehand.
FM Marker starts automatically from your existing databases of FileMaker Go by tapping a button.
You can mark and run a script of FileMarker Go by freehand on FM Marker.
You can use it for various tasks such as for systems that require a handwritten confirmation signature or marking applicable points for an image.
* FM Marker is an application to work together with FileMaker© Go 11 and FileMaker© Go (ver.1.1~1.2.x.) , When using FileMaker© Go 12, it's necessary to buy FM Marker 2.

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FM Marker FM Marker FM Marker FM Marker FM Marker FM Marker FM Marker

The screenshot is a sample file using FileMaker Go and FM Marker.
From a layout and the system which you made in FileMaker Pro, you can use FM Marker.


Product Features

New Features (ver.1.2.0)

Functions and parameters of FM Marker ver.1.1.0


factory+fmmarker:// URL Scheme

You can launch FM Marker from a database file of FileMaker Go using the factory+fmmarker:// URL Scheme.
After having marked it on FM Marker, By tapping launch button in the screen lower right, it is stored a clipboard, and the data which you marked in FM Marker are carried to FileMaker Go.

Capturing Sign with factory+fmmarker://capture

Use the 'capture' action to launch FM Marker and capture a mark data.
The format of the factory+fmmarker://capture URL is as follows (items in square brackets are optional):

<parameter name>=<parameter value>
[&<parameter name>=<parameter value>

The parameter names and possible values are defined below.


In FM Marker, Placement of background image and appoint 20 points of red pens and appoint the MarkPaste script of the Marker.fp7 database in FileMaker Go after marking. The return value is the whole writable area.



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