FM Marker 2 Help





FileMaker 16 compatibility

With FileMaker's latest version "FileMaker 16", it became necessary to set a new extended access right "fmurlscript" about execution of FileMaker script by URL due to security enhancement.
Therefore, when using our product "FM Marker 2" with FileMaker Go 16, it is necessary to set "fmurlscript" as the extended access right of the file used in FileMaker Pro 16 and FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced.
It is not necessary to change the description of the script.


factory+fmmarker2:// URL Scheme

You can launch FM Marker 2 from a database file of FIleMaker Go 12~16 installed in iOS device using the factory+fmmarker2:// URL Scheme.
After having marked it on FM Marker 2, By tapping launch button in the screen lower right, it is stored a clipboard, and the data which you marked in FM Marker 2 are carried to FIleMaker Go 12~16.


Capturing Sign with factory+fmmarker2://capture

Use the 'capture' action to launch FM Marker 2 and capture a mark data.
The format of the factory+fmmarker2://capture URL is as follows (items in square brackets are optional):

<parameter name>=<parameter value>
[&<parameter name>=<parameter value>

The parameter names and possible values are defined below.



In FM Marker 2, Placement of background image and appoint 20 points of red pens and appoint the MarkPaste script of the Marker.fmp12 database in FIleMaker Go 12~16 after marking. The return value is the whole writable area.